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About Ellenos: We believe food made with love has the power to nourish communities and bring people together to change the world. That’s why we make Greek yogurt the way we do – using our handcrafted, five-day process, fruit purees made from scratch with whole food ingredients, and our family secret blend of probiotic cultures. We opened our very first scoop shop at Pike Place Market in July 2013, and now our yogurt is available in grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and airports in over 30 states. For more information about carrying Ellenos, please reach out to

Ingredients: Great yogurt starts with great milk, which is why we source all of our fresh, rBST-free milk from a single local family farm here in Washington State. We also make our fruit purees in-house from the best whole food ingredients- think purple passion fruit from Ecuador, marionberries from Oregon, and Bowen mangoes from Australia.

Single Serve Cups

Perfect for quick service, grab-and-go fridges, or convenience settings. Available in 5.3oz and 8oz cups. Click here to see our flavors.

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Bulk Yogurt

Our Plain (unsweetened) and Traditional (sweetened) flavors are also available in larger sizes. Perfect for making dips, yogurt bowls, and other plated items. Available in 22lb boxes (each box contains two, 11lb bags).

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For more information, please contact