The Yogurt That Makes Pumpkin Pie Jealous

It’s that time of year again…Pumpkin Pie season has arrived!

Cup of Ellenos Pumpkin Pie Greek Yogurt with gold spoon on the left and towel on the right
A delicious cup of Pumpkin Pie Ellenos

This quintessential fall flavor – the one you wait for all year, hide in the fridge, and some of you even smuggle back home on airplanes – has returned for the season! While our Pumpkin Pie flavor now seems as consistent as the Seattle drizzle in November, did you know that it almost never existed?

One of our co-founders, Alex, said it best, “Our first fall after moving to the US, we were totally caught off guard by all of the pumpkin-flavored foods. In Australia, pumpkin’s a squash: we use it for savory things, but never sweets. ‘Pumpkin spice’ isn’t really a thing.”

Thankfully, after a little convincing (and a LOT of pumpkin pie tasting), Alex and his dad, Con, came up with the Pumpkin Pie recipes you now know and love. With pumpkin pie filling made from scratch and a pumpkin spiced cookie crumble topper, we hope you love every bite!

Walkaround cup of Ellenos Pumpkin Pie Greek yogurt at Pike Place Market scoop shop, in front of Pike Place Market sign that says "Public Market Center"
A fresh-scooped cup of Pumpkin Pie Ellenos in front of the iconic Pike Place Market sign

For a limited time only, you can find Ellenos Pumpkin Pie at Whole Foods stores nationwide as well as independent grocers like PCC, Met Market, New Seasons, and Central Market during the fall season. Click here to find stores near you!

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