Yogurt obsession. It’s a family tradition.

When you grow up in a Greek family, yogurt is just a way of life. In fact, when we’re not making it at work, we’re making it at home in small handmade batches. We might even hold friendly competitions to see who does it best. Parents, uncles, grandparents and cousins vie to see who has the right blend of creamy, sweet and tart. Winner holds the bragging rights. Ellenos Yogurt is the yummy, fresh and pure outcome of a really yogurt-obsessed family, and we thought it was time to share.

Fasten Your Seatbelts.

Father and son team Con and Alex were making their handcrafted Greek yogurt in Australia when Yvonne, a flight attendant from America, dropped in for a taste. After one spoonful, she was hooked. She flew home and raved to her husband, Bob, and they hatched a plan.

It took nearly ten years (and tens of thousands of miles of travel, coordination and logistics), but eventually, Con and Alex moved to Seattle to team up with Yvonne and Bob. The result was a brand-new yogurt company that combined the Apostolopoulos’ Greek yogurt recipe and handcrafted process with local ingredients and distinctly Pacific Northwest flavors.

Ellenos opened its first yogurt bar in Pike Place Market in 2013, and we’ve been sharing our obsession ever since, one delicious scoop at a time.

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Our Values


We support each other through mutual care, trust, respect, and honesty.


We came too far to settle. Together we strive with a spirited determination to exceed every expectation we set.


Abundant enthusiasm is contagious. Being loud and being proud is the way to do something amazing. We love our obsession, and we love yours, too!


Like a good cup of yogurt, we’re all in this together. Mutual accountability is the core of our success; we do what we say and say what we do.


We are committed to the growth and development of each member of the Ellenos Team.