Have You Tried Om Ali Ellenos?

Here at our scoop shops, we love creating new and unique flavors for you all to try!  Have you had the chance to try Om Ali Ellenos yet?  In Spring 2021, we introduced our Om Ali flavor to Seattle, and it quickly became a favorite!  We’re so excited that this beloved flavor is returning to our scoop shop for the month of June! 

Cup of Om Ali Ellenos Greek yogurt held outside of Pike Place Market scoop shop.
A delicious cup of Om Ali Ellenos

Inspired by the traditional Egyptian dessert (often referred to as Egyptian bread pudding), our version starts with our handcrafted yogurt mixed with cinnamon and cardamom.  We then top it off with textured toppings like, coconut, raisins, pistachios, and of course, our signature cookie crumble!

For readers who can’t make it to our scoop shop by the end of June, the good news is that you can try making a similar version at home!  You can either start with our Traditional Ellenos, or you can start with our Muesli’s sweetened Ellenos as the base.  Once you’ve selected your preferred yogurt, stir in a dash of both cinnamon and cardamom until blended in.  Be sure to save one of our cookie crumble toppers from one of our other flavors (like Key Lime Pie or Strawberry Shortcake!) to top it off, while also adding in raisins, pistachios, and shreds of coconut!  We hope you enjoy every spoonful!

Walkaround Cup of Om Ali Ellenos Greek yogurt held outside of Pike Place Market scoop shop.
A Walkaround cup of Om Ali Ellenos

Om Ali Ellenos is now available at our scoop shop through the end of June (and we’re working on getting it to LA soon, too!).  Come get it while you can – once it’s sold out for the season, it’ll be gone!

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